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Who We Are

Yeah, we’re enablers. Of the very best kind. Easy to work with, experienced and ego-free, we enable an open exchange of ideas between client (you) and agency (us). Because for us, it’s about growing relationships as well as brands. That’s why our clients see results. And why they tend to stick around. Meet our team of enablers, then introduce yourself. And let’s get those ideas flowing.

Michelle Ruzzi

Michelle Ruzzi

“The Handler”

Manages accounts and creatives with equal aplomb. Tames spreadsheets with a single click. Survives on mostly smoothies. Wears out running shoes on a regular basis. Is ready to go the extra mile for you.

Robert McCoy

Robert McCoy

“The Creative One”

Award-winning designer with an award-worthy beard. Can brainstorm and BBQ simultaneously. Super dad, but never super diva. The kind of creative you can bring home to clients.

Therese Downing

Therese Downing

“The Nit-Picker”

Our resident production perfectionist. Mother of teenagers, master of chaos. Knows her way around an InDesign file, and a Costco store. Not sure which wine goes with which food? She does.

What We Do

In a word: Everything. Need a new logo? We’re on it. Want a comprehensive marketing campaign? You got it. Need a good wine recommendation? Ask Therese (see above). So how do we do it? Simple. First we listen. Then we create something amazing — together. See for yourself.

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Let’s get the conversation started.
We’re all ears. And in Robert’s case, beard.

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