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14 March 2012

Collaboration and the IKEA Effect.

The IKEA Effect states that _“Labor undertaken in association with a project – similar to assembly of Ikea furniture – increases people’s affection for the result of that labor."_

It’s not so much about the fact that we hate the dog and pony show (what a waste of time and energy for everyone – don’t even get us started), but more about how anti-collaborative that process is. Success is 100% contingent on client/agency collaboration and communication. It’s just like dating, and if one person is doing all the work, or likes the other more, it’s never going to work out.

If a potential client only wants spec work or doesn’t want to engage us for a real project, no matter how small, it’s a red flag. We’ll forever be jumping through hoops and we’ll never create the astounding work that can come from collaboration. Sometimes passing on a proposal will open the door for something better, and generally sooner than you think.

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