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18 May 2012

What does change really feel like?

Is it invigorating? Is it frustrating? Is it unrecognizable?

Once you recognize that you are changing, does it make everything else seem more difficult too?

We all know that change is hard, but it seems to make everything else harder too. Sometimes when you’re in the process of change, you don’t recognize it right away. But once it’s started, you are subconsciously open to change; re-evaluating little things in some of your other activities or interactions. I’ve found myself frustrated by those other things that never bothered me before. The process, at least for me, seems to be:

  1. Frustration and general flusteredness
  2. Glimmers of progress, giving me renewed energy
  3. Setbacks (there are always setbacks)
  4. Questioning (caused by the setbacks) and re-evaluation
  5. Then what?

At what point do you recognize that you have changed? Maybe you don’t because you keep changing? Frustration is my signal for true change and innovation and I’ve really tried to embrace it. But shouldn’t there be an “ah ha” moment to reward yourself for the commitment you made?

There is, and if you haven’t had it yet, it’s because you have broken through. There is a moment, when you start to really figure things out and settle into your change when there is sunshine and rainbows. You just have to stick it out long enough – knowing when to keep pushing and when to pull back – and you’ll break through.

Written by a newly marathoned Account person.

ADDENDUM: Why does the frustration always get the best of me?!

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