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13 September 2012

Why branding?

A brand is the mental imprint of your company in the minds of your consumers. It’s also the reason you come into work everyday. It creates feelings, emotions and an affinity for your products and services; it creates customer loyalty, blocks out the competition, creates more opportunity for greater profit margins and instills confidence internally and externally. Most companies make the mistake of thinking their brand is a logo or tagline.

A great brand will last.

In an age of product-centric "branding," enormous consumer choice and growing clutter and clamor in the marketplace, a great brand is a necessity, not a luxury.

A great brand is self-aware.

Anyone who wants to build a great brand first has to understand who they are. The real starting point is to find out why you exist in the first place and what you’re already doing right.

A great brand is a new category.

The common ground you find among great brands is the explicit goal to be the catalyst for their entire categories.

A great brand raises the bar

It adds a greater sense of purpose to the experience. And it isn’t afraid to be bold.

A great brand is emotional.

Emotions drive most (if not all) of our decisions.

A brand reaches out with that kind of powerful connecting experience. That emotion transcends the product––and transcending the product is the brand.

A great brand is a living entity.

A brand is a story that’s evolving all the time and is affected over time by the smallest details. Companies that manifest that sensibility in their employees and consumers invoke something very powerful.

A great brand is relevant.

It meets what people want; it performs the way people want it to. It feels right.

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