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03 April 2013

I'm hungry.

It’s constant – before a workout, after a workout, after I’ve just eaten, for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner. And this “talent” has also been my biggest asset in business.

I read Keith Ferrazzi’s “Never Eat Lunch Alone” and thought it sounded like a good idea. My stomach agreed immediately. But it wasn’t until I actually started doing it, that it really started working for me. Socializing in general has been our greatest source of new business and referrals and I didn’t even realize it until recently. Casual conversations about work challenges and triumphs, and even heart-felt venting about frustrations have fueled our referral fire. But ask me to attend a networking event or “pitch” our company and I practically break out in hives. So what’s the difference? I’ve found that honest interactions and really authentic communication is the only way I can function effectively. And it helps us attract clients that are the same way. Double bonus.

So I embrace my insatiable hunger and I never turn down a coffee, a lunch, dinner, or even a snack with someone. And better still if it’s something I’ve never tried before. What your eating-mate chooses for food also gives you a glimpse into their personality too.

Let’s go get some chicken feet or some chia seed tea sometime. Bon appétit.

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