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02 October 2018

Social Media in Marketing

Social Media in Marketing

How to Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing to Benefit your Business

By Guest Writer: Makenna Downing

In a time when social media networks are dominating the digital world and are being used daily to communicate with a wide variety of people, it is important to take advantage of these social media platforms as a way to market your own brand to potential consumers.

Social media is important because of its versatility. These digital communication platforms have the ability to reach a wide audience and distribute information. In addition, social media sites are a great way to receive feedback from consumers. A brand can promote a product and use social media to market that product and then receive instant feedback from their customers. Social media is also a great tool to use in the digital age because it allows for companies to post text information, photos, videos, links, etc., all in one place that is accessible to a target market audience. Hashtags, social media contests, key words, links, and account tagging are all social media tools that generate more traffic to a brand’s site and bring more awareness to a brand and its products and services.

Being active on social media accounts, posting a lot of content, and interacting with consumers and other accounts is also a great way to draw attention to your brand. With contests, video clips, commenting, photo-sharing, liking, etc., companies are able to give consumers an interactive way to participate in the brands’ campaign and have their opinions be heard. Instant messaging features also allow for ideas to be shared and potential service issues to be handled via social media, which is why a wide variety of large companies use their social media to interact with their target market.

Social media promotion is a great way to enhance your brand identity and reach a larger audience in a short amount of time. In addition, brands that use social media generate more traffic to their websites and in turn generate a higher volume of sales. Social media is accessible, mobile, and user-friendly. It is a great multi-way channel of communication that connects corporations with their consumers. It is important to establish a strong social media presence in order to be successful in this digital age.

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