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09 May 2012

Found: Where The Wild Things Are.

We know what you’re thinking. What gives with all these animals? Nope, it’s not a “Save the Animals," "Safari Hunt” or “Exotic Pets 4 Sale” website. We do love animals, but in a very non-peta type of way. We’re talking symbolism here – metaphors. These furry, thick-skinned and pointy creatures peppered throughout the site promote our central credo in a unique way: ideas in all forms are sweet. Great ideas are Numero Uno. And as my little dude would say, they’re tight. Since this is our core we wanted to visualize that in a fun and friendly way. We are a mildly zany bunch and we don’t take ourselves, or our animals too seriously. It’s also funny that these critters align very closely with some of our personalities here at the studio. You will need to visit us to find out who is who. For the more analytical crowd out there, our name Idea Enablers says it all. The word “Enablers” is usually portrayed in a negative light (thanks Dr. Phil) but here we believe nurturing great ideas is good for everybody. Especially for our clients.

So there you have it in a tiny, furry nutshell. Until then, roar the good roar. And remember, please don’t feed our animals. You’ll just mess up your screen.

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